VIVITA Ideathon #1 – Co-Creation with Pope Jai Thai Restaurant

Therese Heng · 48 ·

We decided to hold our first VIVI Ideathon as part of our efforts to provide experiential learning opportunities for our members to look into solving problems for social good, with the intention that our members could look into gaining better understanding of the design thinking process by being able to empathise and define problems before coming up with their own ideas and prototyping.

To present them with a real life challenge, the members visited Pope Jai Thai Restaurant, where they learnt first hand the issues faced by people with disabilities through observing their challenges, before brainstorming on ideas. The kids took time to interact with the staff before developing low fidelity prototypes and pitching them to Daniel, the CEO of Pope Jai Thai.

One of the members decided to work on a coffee dispenser for people with disabilities with the intention of tackling the challenge statement of having a coffee station that is flexible and wheelchair bound friendly. The idea came about as he observed that the existing coffee dispenser is currently at a specific spot and wanted to improve the current operations of the space, and so the revised design has rollers that can be moved around conveniently with ease.

Another member worked on a multi functional and customised chopping board with adjustable width, ruler and visually-impaired touch patterns to accommodate more cut styles for various fruit and vegetable sizes. As the current chopping board can only fit limited vegetables, this new innovation of the adjustable board will help the visually-impaired to better measure what they intend to cut.

All in all, the members really put in careful thought to design and think about different ways to problem solve the restaurant’s needs and in turn, understand better how to address issues and work on tactical solutions.