VIVISTOP #REMOTE - Planning Our Future Kitchen Together

Therese Heng · 44 ·

Even though we can’t physically be at the space, that shouldn’t stop us from continuing with our original plans. We did a session this morning Sat 11th April where we discussed our future plans for the kitchen.

More than just to get input, we really wanted to check in with our members, say hi virtually and to recreate a semblance of norlmacy, as if it’s a typical weekend at VIVISTOP Orchard where ideas flow and conversations overlap one another. The only difference is that we meet online (for now), but why should the channel of creativity be stunted?

We started off by going around and easing into the conversation, chit chatting about day to day things and finding out how they are coping with the big changes since the week started. Some mentioned they can’t wait to go back to school to see their friends and some talked about how being at home sometimes means more work and no breaks! Now that everything is at home, we think it is super important to be mindful to carve out space for rest and relaxation too!

Pizza Party Planning in session!

Then we moved on to the fun bits! As we are planning for a big pizza party once the space reopens, we want our members’ input on how to organise it. We went into details like setting the date and time, planning our ingredients list and tools that we will need for our pizzas!

What other recipes shall we try?

Along with that we also wanted to see if there were any other interesting recipes that they wanted to try out, and the ideas just kept coming and coming. Many of them even took initiative and shared recipe blogs of food they want to make! During the call, the suggestions included making tacos, pasta, hamburgers and ramen. Well.. LET’S MAKE ALL OF THEM!

We also watched a Dalgona Milo recipe video together and everyone is excited to make it. Who is ready for 400 whisks?!

Mini Interior Designers and space planning the new Kitchen layout

At the same time, as with a modular space we thought it was time to look into redesigning the kitchen. So who better than our members to co design that with us? Creating space for more movement and flow is always important, so we prepared a few potential layouts and got feedback from our members on which ones they liked and why.

We asked them to envision being an interior designer and to dream up their ideal kitchen and they came up with ideas for automated robots, more tools like airfryers and one of our members even suggested we have a real farm in the furture so we can have a farm to table concept! That’s an amazing idea! 🙂

This chat helped us to see what our members’ needs are as the end user and we gained many useful insights through our co-creation process. We even got them to vote which Layout they prefer. Some prefered Layout 1 as it provided easier access for interaction with one another (thinking ahead for future workshops!) and the other prefered Layout 2 as it gave way to more movement and flow in the space!

We ended the session by sharing something new that they were hoping to learn to make or create when the space reopens, be it a hobby or skill and how we can help in anyway!

I think a huge reflection point from this is that children genuinely love to share their ideas if people are willing to listen. More often than not, they always say “I dont know” because they think their idea might be a bad idea. I think more so, it is always good to remind them that no idea is a bad one. You want to put ice cream on your pizza? Who says you can’t! Let’s do it!

If we always move in this trajectory of saying yes and why not?, it will encourage them to be more confident to push their ideas further 🙂

Till the next chat!