Supporting Project PLAY@HOME for Needy Children

Therese Heng · 61 ·

VIVITA Singapore is supporting project Play@Home!

Many children in need are undergoing challenging times now. There are many good efforts assisting those families and children taking care of basic needs such as food and providing computer devices. When we think of how VIVITA in Singapore can contribute, we feel that this current situation has also taken away something very important from the children – which is the opportunity for play.

We believe that play is essential to a child’s life and cannot be overlooked. It may be a child’s way of coping with the changes and challenges that are surrounding them now. Play is also a huge source of learning and creativity. How can we help meet these needs and make sure their emotional well being is taken care of and not have them go unnoticed?

In this climate, we found that parents with less access to resources and income might find it hard to engage their children at home. In collaboration with social worker Grace Koh, we worked with her on Play@Home, a project to address this need of helping children in underprivileged families who might be affected by circuit breaker measures. And of course, by needs, we target the essential need of .. playing 🙂

Project Play@Home is an initiative made up of social workers, counsellors, play therapists and teachers who have come together to source and pack play packs for these children that range from preschool to youth.

Understanding that construction paper will be a part of what the children will receive in the pack planned, we curated a theme of creative paper activities titled Paper Play, which includes an optical illusion, a paper kaleidoscope and structural origami cubes, to allow children to explore the possibilities they can create with just paper as an everyday item. Hopefully, this serves as a reminder to look at their home as a constant source of inspiration and that anything can be fun and creative from a different perspective.

You can also download the templates below 🙂

Paper Play for Play@Home PackDownload

Packing our Paper Play activities as part of the Play Pack!
All the contents of the Play Pack!
Just in time to be mailed out to the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Hope the children have a great time experimenting with paper play!

The team hopes to raise more funds to extend this initiative to more families who will benefit from it, and on our end we hope to continue to curate more thematic activities to support this cause!

We want to involve our members in this too! If you have any ideas to on what will be good include in such a pack, do write in to us at and we can explore them together! Parents, please let us know if there are ways that you would like to contribute as well. Let us all do our part to keep our community safe and well 🙂