Space within a Space – A Participatory Design Co-Creation Workshop

Therese Heng · 113 ·

VIVISTOP Orchard has been open for a month now, and we’ve been steadily growing our community of members. As part of our first workshop, we hope to get children to look around and observe the surroundings that they are in, and to think about the spaces they occupy.

Using VIVISTOP Orchard as the starting point, we are looking to co-create with our members on envisioning VIVIVSTOP Orchard as a conducive space to call their own. If they were allowed to freely express and reimagine the kind of learning environment they want to be in, how might it look like and what would it consist of? If they were given full autonomy to make decisions, what would they make and how will it benefit the space? This workshop will get members to participate and collaborate meaningfully with each other to plan and create an authentic and inspiring space for creativity and ideas to grow.

Members will first ideate their reimagined spaces before prototyping a mini scale model of VIVISTOP Orchard. They will then utilise a communication tool called VIVIVERSE to record a short presentation of their ideas. These videos will be uploaded onto VIVIVERSE where the global VIVITA community are invited to view and give feedback on their ideas. After which, we will work to realise some of their designs at VIVISTOP Orchard!

If you are interested, do click on the link here to sign up now.
Do take note this workshop is for members only

Date: 1st September 2019
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Open to maximum 10 members only.
Please take note this child only workshop is on a first come first served basis.

VIVISTOP Orchard will not be closed for the duration of the workshop. However, a portion of the space will be closed off for the workshop to take place. We seek your kind understanding on this.