Tinker Thursdays #2 - Making a Hand Sanitiser Holder

Therese Heng · 180 ·

Keeping up with our “Survive COVID-19 with creative flair” mission, this week’s Tinker Thursday session was all about fashioning together an edgy, DIY holder for the one item we can’t live without now – hand sanitiser!!

Everyday Items Around Us Make the Best Materials

We got ready our plastic bag (out of the last remaining stash we have on hand, because we are saying no to plastic as much as we can!) and got to cutting them up in 4 looped strips. Snip off the sealed portion of the plastic bag and make sure you get four loops as shown below.

Next, uncap your sanitiser bottle and wrap one of the plastic loops around the opening of your hand sanitiser and draw a circle over it. Then pick up the rest of the four loops and make sure they align and snip off the circle on all four looped strips. You should now have all four loops with a circle cut through all of them.

Put your hand sanitiser through the holes of the plastic loops and wrap it around the bottle.

From the point of the end of the bottle, start twisting the remaining plastic until it becomes a tight and taut “string”. Once you are done with twirling your plastic tight, you may use a clip to keep it together as you work on your next material.

Now, prepare your straw and start cutting it up into smaller bits.

Start threading bits of straw through. You have to make sure your plastic is twirled tightly enough for the straws to go through.

If you have problems stuffing your bits of straw in, you can use a bobby pin to push it in. Alternatively, you can opt to use thinner plastic or remove one plastic loop to make the “string” thinner.

The straws are there for structure, rigidity and resilience to keep your holder intact. Once you have slotted in a few straws, you should leave a little hole at the top to act as your hook so you can clip it onto your bag, your belt loops or tie to a zip.

Make sure you have one last straw to clamp the end of your “string” before it reaches the part that you will seperate for the ” circle hook”. You can continue to add one or two more straw bits around the circular hook.

And tadaaa! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy you are done! 🙂

Some alternatives and hacks

Instead of straw, you can use beads to thread your straw. It will still give the desired effect of keeping it sturdy and it will also be super cute and colorful. If you want to use washi tape, simply snip off a strip and roll it over the plastic you’ve twirled. The tape will definitely secure the plastic “string” tightly and do its job.

Instead of cutting up the straw into small bits, you can also, like our funny member here, just thread the entire straw through haha

You can also use a clear plastic bag and use markers to draw on it first and add some designs to make it uniquely your own, instead of a holder with a glaring supermarket brand on it!

As We Fall Into This New Rhythm

Its great to see that our members genuinely enjoy themselves. They do not see the activity so much as making survival kits for COVID-19 (which in reality it is) but more of a time to bond together with other members and crew. Its really nice that each week it has fallen into this creative routine of making something together, with purpose and meaning and as each week progresses they come up with so many new ideas for more activities. A science club. No wait an art club. What about hybrid club? Let’s do gymnastics together! Its heartening to know that children want to spend their holidays with us, just chatting, even though the world outside is taking on new meaning, we are comforted that inside the home, and within our open ended circle of creativity, everything is as how it should be 🙂