Let’s Get the Ball Rolling!

Therese Heng · 55 ·

Do you love to explore making yummy food in the kitchen but do not always have the freedom to cook over an open fire? You are in for a treat today! VIVITA Crew Therese shares with us a recipe for a delicious snack you can make without any cooking!

How did you come up with the idea for your project?

For those of us who have to stay at home now and attend home based learning or work from home, there is a lot of concentration and focus needed from them throughout the day. Energy balls are a great idea for a super healthy snack in between meal time as it boosts energy levels and it also contains protein, fibre and it is not not overly sweet so you and your family members can snack on them whenever you want!

There is also no cooking involved, it is really easy to make, and a fun activity to do together as a family!

What makes this a cool project?

It’s a great replacement for artificial candy and overly sweet and salty snacks which you buy from stores, and it is also a fun way to try out more types of fruit, nuts and superfoods!

Could you share with us a bit about your prototyping process? What did you learn from the more memorable failed attempts?

Usually recipes call for a certain number of cups of this, 3 tablespoons of that etc. However, there is a lot of trial and error involved in tailoring it to your own personal taste. Sometimes, 3 tablespoons of honey is just too sweet so you have to work out the right proportion by experimenting with less first, and adding more after doing a couple of taste tests.

Also, always add the dry ingredients first before blending in the wet ingredients . So oats, nuts and sesame seeds should always be blended first too otherwise it is really difficult to blend it in later on to get a good consistency.

I also once added too much ginger in a coconut ginger ball recipe and it ended up way too spicy! Yikes.

Making Energy Balls

What materials do you need?

  1. ½ cup of oats
  2. 3 pinches of sesame seeds (you can add more if you like)
  3. 5 pitted dates (I used Deri but you can use Amary, Mendjool etc)
  4. 1 candy apple diced up. If you don’t have candy apples, you can cut up ½ a normal sized apple
  5. 1 and ½ tablespoon of honey (you can use maple syrup or agave syrup too!)


  • Nut Butters
  • Shredded Unsweetened Coconut
  • Almonds, walnuts or cashews

What tools do you need?

  1. Food processor, or a blender will work just fine


Step 1: Blitz oats with a food processor until it becomes finely grounded.

Finely grounded oats

Step 2: Throw in sesame seeds and blitz again

Add sesame seeds

Step 3: Remember to depit your dates before throwing them in. Blend!

Add pitted dates

Step 4: Throw diced apples in.

Add apples

Step 5: In goes the honey too. Blend away!

Add honey

Step 6: Blend it until it becomes slightly clumpy.

What it should look like

Step 7: Start rolling! It should look like this! The size doesn’t matter. Roll it to your preferred size.

Roll into a ball

Step 8: The amount used can make about 12 balls! Store them into a container. You can keep it in the fridge for up to 7 days. Otherwise, pop them in the freezer if you want them to last longer!

Pack in a container and store in the fridge


Challenge yourself by rolling and molding your balls into other shapes. Make energy squares! Or triangles!

You can even form them into bars and use baking paper to wrap them up to have them on the go (eventually, in the future, when it is safe to be out, of course!) or for a family “picnic” in the living room!


After you have tried out this recipe, you can mix and match all your favourite ingredients to make different flavours! Share with us your favourite recipes if they turned out real yummy!

Try experimenting with different nuts and different fruit. Think lemons, ginger, apricots, raisins, bananas even? The possibilities are endless! These energy balls are so easy to make for any occasion. What are you waiting for? Let’s get the ball rolling! 🙂