Our very first Improv Workshop!

Therese Heng · 228 ·

Despite the gloomy dreary Sunday with rain beating down on us outside, we lot at VIVISTOP Orchard had heaps of fun at our very first Improv Session today!

We started the session by first introducing ourselves and learning more about each other through finding out the other person's common interests.

Then we started our first game of learning how to clap in sync and being comfortable with observing each other and making eye contact

We moved on to passing around the ball of energy (zip zap zop) and learning how to clearly communicate our intentions with one another :)

Improv is also about learning to read each other and giving people things so we attempted to gift each other imaginary presents and play pretend, by making things up on the spot and using our imagination.

We also explored how we could create our own setting and plot on the spot by actively thinking big and going wild with our ideas :)

The participants also played a Word Association game where they had to pay careful attention and and attempt to create a continuous story. They learnt to expect the unexpected and to listen to one another so they could form a narrative to continue the story.

While everyone took some time to warm up to one another, it was through the creative games we played that we were able to loosen up and have a great time together. The members learnt that when everyone contributes ideas together, everything just becomes an infinite times more fun. After all, this is what improv is all about anyway -- when you think positive, you feel positive and in turn, others around you feel supported, they feel good about themselves and everyone is able to have fun together!

All in all, we all had fun and we can't wait for the next workshop already! Thanks a bunch to our super talented facilitator Tim for taking the participants on an adventure this morning to continuously explore their creativity and to embrace the silliness in all of us :)