Fun First Week of VIVISTOP #Remote!

Therese Heng · 47 ·

VIVISTOP Orchard has to temporarily “stop” opening our doors to contribute to social distancing measures. But we definitely are not stopping! We launched our VIVISTOP #Remote initiative last week to continue to our efforts in working with members to keep their creative juices flowing. With much more time at home now (and no exams!), it is also a perfect time to pursue their creative passion!

As a part of VIVISTOP #Remote, we operated as per our usual schedule but online. We let members book a slot to speak to us about the projects and ideas that have been working on. It was a heartwarming week with fun sessions with our members.

Game On @ The Arcade

We were in the midst of our Roblox Game Creation Competition with our members over the month of March and April, with a series of mid-point checks and review sessions too. Now that we cannot do so at our stop, we have switched the event online! We had a remote feedback and coaching session with one of our members Oscar for that last week.

Oscar built a really big game! While the original intent was a mentoring session, it turned out to be much more fun than that. It started with our crew Su Yuen testing the game and giving feedback to Oscar verbally. Then Oscar suggested – “Why don’t I join you inside the game?”. The virtual characters of Su Yuen and Oscar then met inside the game, and they were co-creating together! Oscar “virtually-guided” Su Yuen through his game, and along the way asked questions about places that he wanted help. They also brainstormed solutions together – all in Roblox!

Su Yuen, on the other hand, pointed out areas that Oscar didn’t notice as she traveled through the game. When she was unable to proceed at some points, Oscar ended up teaching her tricks to get past them. On hindsight, if we were doing physical mentoring at the stop, we might not have such an immersive and fun experience. After the session, we continued receiving emails from Oscar asking us further questions and getting feedback for his game. That’s surely a sign that the session must have been engaging, right!

Making Together @ The Yellow Submarine

What are canes doing here? (laughs)

Another session was with a member Kaisei on a Saturday morning. When the session was first requested, not much detail was shared on why he wanted the session. So we prepared a number of tricks in our pocket and jumped into it.

But, surprise! Kaisei was firing questions at us from the start. The questions must have been trapped in his head for a long time! Inspired by another member’s creation, he was trying to make a toy crossbow at home. However, he couldn’t make it work. The limb of the crossbow was not bending much, and it didn’t shoot well.

Together with him, we used a virtual collaboration tool and sketched on a shared canvas. We first established a common understanding of what he is working on. He had a few challenges, and the main one being the material that he was using. Over video and also on the shared canvas, we then had a mini brainstorming about suitable materials. It was really interesting to hear his concerns – he wanted the material to be durable and water-proof. We suggested using a cane – and he immediately put down his headphone and tried to hunt for it at home! That’s where the picture of the cane came from. It was so funny!

And even then, his questions kept on coming – he was already thinking about other features that he hopes to have in his crossbow. After making a first successful prototype, he now wants to to add a trigger-like mechanism, and also a scope to make it closer to the real thing. We wonder why he knew so much, and he shared that actually has has been reading up and researching about it! Really nice. We showed him a few YouTube tutorials of how people made simple crossbows with materials at home too and we are really looking forward to speaking to him soon and seeing his progress!

Continuing the Creative Journey While We Are Apart

It was an interesting and fun first week of VIVISTOP #Remote sessions. There were a lot of things that we couldn’t do as the stop is temporarily closed. At the same time, it also opened a lot of new possibilities for us. A virtual session co-creating the game and making a crossbow on-line together, would not be possible if not for the current situation. We could indeed help our members continue their creative journey while we are apart. This would have been a new experience for them too in how new communication technologies work as well.

You might be thinking, what is “The Arcade” and “The Yellow Submarine”. They are the names of the virtual collaboration room that we created for the sessions. This we hope will make a virtual session more “human”, and induces excitement more than “let’s sk**e / z**m”!

Members, do connect with us! Are you making something a home? You have an idea that you are thinking of? We welcome you to book a session to chat with us at ☺️

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(Reference – Virtual Collaboration Tool that we used – ClassDo