Fruity Ice Cubes

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The weather has been really hot these days and this makes us all keep going to the fridge to drink lots of iced water! What other fun ways do you have to keep cool and refreshed? Zhiru shares with us this imaginative way of making ice cubes that look good, taste good and is good for your health too! Read to the end for a great game you can play along with the whole family with these Fruity Ice Cubes!

How did you come up with the idea for your project?

Fruit Salad: I’ve always been a bit “lazy” to eat fruits, but I do know that fruits are important for our health, so sometimes I make it the first meal of my day to fulfill the nutritional “quota”. I also add yogurt to “neutralise” the taste as some of the fruits can be slightly sour.

Fruity Ice Cubes: I’ve always hated how iced fruit juices become diluted when the ice melts, and one day I thought to myself that if the “ice cubes” are also fruits then they would not dilute the drink. Also, they can keep the drink cold a lot longer as they are frozen.

What makes this a cool project?

This project is made up of two parts, a fruit salad and some fruity ice cubes. It’s cool because you can eat the fruit salad for breakfast and the fruity ice cubes for dessert after dinner, and that would be your first and last meal for each day! 🙂

Also, this is really simple to prepare and no cooking is required.

Could you share with us a bit about your prototyping process? What did you learn from the more memorable failed attempts?

There wasn’t really any “failed” attempts, as this is quite straightforward. But through trying out different combinations of fruits, I did realise that certain combinations of fruits tasted more appealing (at least to me) – crunchier fruits (like apples) with softer fruits (like dragon fruit), sweeter fruits (like mangoes) with sour fruits (like kiwis), and it is nice when there is a balance. So do experiment with the combinations and share your recommended recipes with us!

Making Fruity Ice Cubes

What materials do you need?

  1. Any fruits, ideally at least 2-3 different types
  2. Oranges (or any other juicy fruit)
  3. Yogurt
These are the fruits that I used

What tools do you need?

  1. A freezer, ideally with an ice tray


Step 1: For the fruit salad: Cut the fruits into bite-size cubes. This depends on the fruit that is used, for example, grapes need not be cut.

For the fruity ice cubes: Set aside some of the fruits used, cutting them into smaller pieces.

For fruit salad
For fruity ice cubes

Step 2: Add some yogurt to the fruit salad bowl, mix well, and it’s ready to serve! Any type of plain yogurt/greek yogurt/vanilla yogurt is fine, as long as it is not flavoured yogurt, as that might be too sweet and you would not be able to enjoy the natural sweetness of the fruits as much.

Ready to serve!

Step 3 Cut the oranges into halves and squeeze the juice into a cup. You can use an orange juicer if you have one. Put the smaller cut fruits into the ice tray and pour the orange juice into the tray till it is filled. Put it into the freezer to freeze for about 4-6 hours. The time may differ based on the size of your ice trays.

Step 4 Take the frozen cubes out of the ice tray and you’re ready to serve – you can eat them directly, with cereal, ice cream or yogurt. You can even blend it to make a smoothie rather than using ice for smoothies as ice would dilute it.


Try other combinations of fruits, using different fruit juices to fill the ice tray.

Try making Fruity Ice Cubes using jelly molds if you have these at home to get fun and different shapes!


This is a really simple project, but here’s an extra game to try with your family – Take turns to try the fruity ice cubes blindfolded or with closed eyes, and see who has the most correct guesses. It’s not that easy as the texture of the fruit changes when frozen and the coldness numbs your tongue!