Tinker Thursdays in Session #1 - DIY Face Mask Carrier, Let’s Go!

Therese Heng · 129 ·

When we were planning the sessions for Tinker Thursdays, we didn’t want to just make for the sake of making. The intent is just as important as the creative process. So that got us thinking. How can we apply creativity to life’s challenges, especially in the current environment that we are in?

How might we explore clever and useful solutions through craft? And what materials can we upcycle from home? As we will soon be re-entering the world after the Circuit Breaker period, with time on our hands, why not take this opportunity by starting with a few innovative ideas that will help us prepare as we go about our days outside in a safe but no less creative way!

One of the first activities we thought of was — the Face Mask carrier. Before March rolled around, how many of us have ever even donned a mask to go outside? But now you literally can’t go anywhere without it, so why not make a easy, handy carrier so you can keep it clean and safe with you when you do venture outside!

For this activity, we got our participants to prepare a few materials before hand, everything that can be found from home. Potato chip packaging, baking paper, tape to name a few.

Getting Our Materials Ready

Materials ever at the ready. Some were even enjoying their potato chips mid snack as they needed to finish it quick to make use of the packaging haha
Everyone showing off their colorful washi tape.
One of our members brought normal tape to the activity but decided to decorate it herself to create her own unique tape

Starter Round

Inspired by the everyday tissue packet, we utilised its design to create our own mask carriers. The idea is that there should be minimum contact while handling your mask so the tissue packet achieves that goal as you just need to pull (on the elastic loops of our mask) to get it out!

We started cutting up the materials we brought and Sau Fen, our crew even prepared a larger than life example on how to seal up the sides of our carrier which was hilarious.

Everyone’s finished product!

Everyone managed to create their face mask carriers pretty easily, but that was only the Starter Round! Sau Fen then got everyone to observe the materials we brought – baking paper and snack packaging; and got us to think about the longevity and practicality of its usage. While it is an amazing temporary solution that you can easily clean, create and slot in your bag in no time, it is not water proof and durable long term. So what happens if we want to create a carrier that lasts longer?

Challenge Round

She then shared more about making use of nylon water proof recycling bags as those are definitely more durable and sturdier, and she challenged us to all make one when we do go back to VIVISTOP Orchard so we can each sew our own! Challenge accepted!

Open Round

Next up, things got more interesting. We decided to get our members to really look inward and to observe their home as a treasure trove. What can they possibly find around them that they can make use to create other versions of a face mask carrier? We got them to go off and look around their homes and to bring back three items they think they can use.

One of members suggested using the actual mask material as a carrier. Mask-ception!
Another of our members suggested the sturdy zipper transparent files with extra grid support.
One of the crew suggested silicon non slip mats, which is a great idea
Haha one of our members took the original idea of the tissue packet and said, why not just use this? Ok, ok ten points for being a cheeky genius
Sau Fen gave us a great idea to use cooler bags! Which can be easily found from Daiso. Of which you can get.. when they reopen of course

The participants were then asked to take all these suggestions and delve deeper into other ways to create carriers that are longer lasting, and to share with us what they have come up with.

Lead up to the next two sessions

As we will also be working on creating hand sanitiser holders and finger gloves for the next two sessions, we wanted to get our members to think ahead about the materials they could use. Is there anything from the existing materials that they have collected and used today that they can bring forward and continue to make use of in the next session?

We showed a brilliant example of one of our crew who had weaved plastic bags to make a nifty holder. Consider us wholly impressed!

And then Sau Fen really came out with confetti poppin’ and blazin’ when she showed us an example of using a simple tofu container to make a super easy finger glove (which doesn’t even require you to use your other hand to take off. The tab from the container itself is a failproof method of taking it off, one handed! I mean… wow, just wow.

What’s interesting is that when we got talking, it seemed like everyone had the same idea to just.. simply combine all three uses into one durable pouch! So have the carrier, hand sanitiser holder and finger glove all in one handy dandy pouch that we can carry around wherever we go! It’s great that our members are really thinking about the usage of the pouch, and how it can serve multiple purposes all at once so we are going to reiterate and find a way to make it happen!

Why not have an elastic band that you can hole punch and attach to the finger glove so that you can stretch it to press buttons on the lift without have to take it out? Or how about just attaching a little net behind the face mask carrier (a bit like stuffing magazines behind a car seat) so you can slot your hand sanitiser there? An all-in-one! 🙂

It’s great that the members are so enthusiastic about this activity and came up with so many great ideas. Can’t wait for the next session already!