Design Your Own Dalgona Candy

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Hi everyone! Welcome to our new series of fun and creative activities you can try out and do right at home – in the VIVITA way! This time, we will be making Dalgona Candy!

Dalgona Candy

Each activity starts with our contributor sharing with us how the idea for the project came about and some simple steps to get started in the Starter Round. Once you get it, you can try to figure out the Challenge Round versions and finally we invite you to explore your own take of the project and surprise us with your own creations in the Open Round. Be sure to take photos or videos of your experiments at home and share them with us. Make more and share with your loved ones at home and you can do your part to cheer everyone up! Let’s try to use only those items we can easily find in or around our homes as an added creative challenge!


Here we go with a delicious project from the latest member to join our VIVITA Orchard crew, Gina!

How did you come up with the idea for your project?

When I was a kid, there was a very old tent in front of my school where an old lady was sitting inside and waiting for kids. Sounds scary?? On the contrary, you couldn’t resist the temptation to stop by because of the sweet smell of dalgona candies!! Yes, she was selling dalgona candies, which is a quite popular street snack in Korea years ago. “Dalgona” means “sweet” in Korean. Dalgona is also called “Ppopgi” (which means choose or select something) as when you succeed in breaking off the outer part of the candy without breaking the inner shape, you were able to get one more candy or a small toy of your choice for free.

What makes this a cool project?

Having fun with designing your own candy, plus it’s very delicious!!!

Could you share with us a bit about your prototyping process? What did you learn from the more memorable failed attempts?

It’s very important not to burn your sugar. Avoid burning the sugar by stirring with chopstick continuously. Lower down the heat if necessary. Take it away from the heat immediately if it starts to smoke. The ladle I used to melt sugar was very small, so my dalgona candy was too small to put any shape in it. Choose something bigger if you want big candy.

Teeny tiny dalgona candy

Making Dalgona Candy

What materials do you need?

  1. Sugar
  2. Baking soda
  3. Baking paper (food oils or sugar sprinkled on a plate can replace this)

What tools do you need?

  1. Soup ladle or single handle soup pot
  2. Wooden chopsticks
  3. Cookie cutters or molds (optional)


Step 1: Put one or two tablespoons of sugar in a ladle (or pot) and melt it on the heat over a stove.

Melt your sugar into syrup

Step 2: When the sugar turns into syrup, add a pinch of baking soda. It is recommended to use the tip of the chopstick you are using to stir the syrup. Dip the chopstick into baking soda and stir syrup to make a soda+syrup mixture. Repeat until the mixture starts to puff up. Remove the mixture from the heat before it turns to dark brown.

Add baking soda and stir with wooden chopstick

Step 3: Pour the mixture on a baking paper (or a greased plate). Press a mold such as cookie cutters or put a stick on it before it fully hardens. When you press a mold, be careful not to press it too hard so that the mold won’t cut through your candy.

Press a mold on the candy mixture before it cools and hardens
Examples of dalgona molds


  • If you don’t have any molds, try to make your own with aluminium foil!! Fold a sheet of aluminium foil up a half inch and continue to wrap the foil over itself until you have a long strip. Form the strip into the shape you want.
  • Challenge your family or friends who can break off the outer parts of the candy faster!!


  • Can you think of something else to eat or drink that will go well with dalgona candy?

Be sure to take photos or videos of your experiments at home and share them with us at #vivitaathome!

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