Tinker Thursdays #3 - Creative ways to press lift buttons!

Therese Heng · 124 ·

What are some creative ways to press lift buttons without touching them with your fingers? It's something we tend to overlook but especially now in this day and age, we really shouldn’t be touching things unnecessarily. Plenty of germs go on lift buttons so what are some ways we can creatively tackle these daily life challenges? Let’s get our kray-on with the Krayon 🙂

Preparing our materials

Use the A4 paper you’ve prepared and create 5cm width strips. Draw lines down your ruler along your A4 paper. One piece of A4 paper will roughly get you 4 strips. Then cut them out like how it is below!

Decorating our Krayons with permanent makers

Prepare your coloured permanent markers and color the edge of one strip of your paper all the way until the last 2cm. Leave that part blank (so it leaves it a mystery as to which color it is) when you unwind and twist it.

Get your ear buds ready!

Pull out the cotton from one side of the cotton swab! Leave the other intact.

Let’s start rolling!

Take the side of the coloured edge of paper and place the stick and match by aligning the end of stick exactly where the edge of the paper is. Use tape and stick it down like above! Your cotton swab end needs to be longer than your 5cm paper. Just make sure the end of your stick (without the cotton swab) and colored egde of paper are aligned. The cotton bud end sticks out quite a bit, as you need allowance to push the stick in and out. The cotton bud acts as some friction 🙂

Now start rolling and roll it super tight! When you are done, loosen your grip a little and let your paper unroll just a little bit. Then try extending and retracting your Krayon’s coloured nib by pushing the cotton bud end and adjust the tightness of your paper roll. When you find the right tension, tape it down to secure it.

Make sure that when you push and pull it, it doesn’t retract too easily. Also, if it is too tight, you won’t be able to twist your Krayon out properly either! 🙂

Why do we colour the retractable nib of the Krayon? Besides making them look like crayons, this has a real purpose! Just like how we avoid touching the coloured nib of a stick of crayon so that our fingers don’t get dirty when drawing, some part of our brain remembers not to touch the colour nib of our Krayon in the same way. This is great because we would then naturally avoid touching the coloured nib of our Krayon that has touched dirty lift buttons. 😉

Now how can we attach it to our bags?

Shiori attached it to her hand sanitiser holder from last week!

What other ways can we think of to attach an elastic strap or string to it so it can be easy to reach for it when you need to use it in a lift? If you have any interesting ways or suggestions, do share them with us!!

Free Flow Time!

Sau Fen made an upsized Krayon! Can you figure out how to do that?

And then everyone experimented with colors and created ombre colors and gradients to add a different twist to their krayons! Why stick to one color when you can have a rainbow of colors? 🙂 We also drew faces on our cotton buds because why not right?

Group photo with our finished products!

All in all, we had heaps of fun today and it is always refreshing to see our members update the current design and prototype we’ve come up with and add on something new and creative to the process. The confidence to try something new and to give suggestions and showcase one’s work is definitely something we hope all our members strive to have!

Inspiration behind the Krayon

Losing the tip of the crayon into the paper sleeve drove Sau Fen crazy. . . and gave her the idea for Krayon!

Our crew Sau Fen was looking at her box of crayons while conjuring up ideas for this workshop and that inspired her to create her own paper pull out Krayon! Now we can’t stop making more 🙂

Sau Fen made a box to make her Krayons look even more like crayons

While we have come to the end of our very last session of Tinker Thursdays for the month of May, that is not the last of our creative pursuits in dreaming up colourful and creative DIY solutions to help us get through our days during COVID-19 and beyond. As we slowly move away from staying at home and going back to school and heading outside, let us constantly think of creative ways to tackle daily live challenges and to never stop being curious about all the different ways to keep safe but no less creative!

If you have a super cool idea you’d like to share with us, feel free to drop us a note on VIVIFORUM or send an email over to hello@vivita.sg and we might just turn it into another workshop!