Create Your Own Shoebox Diorama Workshop – An Upcycling Workshop

Therese Heng · 83 ·

Our volunteer Lena led on an upcycling workshop recently where members used everyday materials to create their own diorama collage work in shoeboxes. The intention was to get children to familiarise themselves with the everyday items that they use, and to see how they (from the shoeboxes to the upcycling materials for decoration) can easily have a second shelf life, and be meaningfully reused and recycled to practice sustainable creativity.

Through this activity, the members were able to think a little further about how all of these items around us make an impact on our planet and how we as a community can play our part to care for it a little more with the choices we make and the items we choose to use everyday.

While the workshop was a messy, fun and colourful one, the children reflected on their work too and one of them shared how their creation was meant to show a form of balance between what nature provides us and how we in turn, can take better care of our planet. Everyone got to take home their meaningful creations and hopefully it will serve as a reminder to be more conscious of the things we consume.