Back to the Story Board – Show & Tell!

Therese Heng · 155 ·

Last week, at the end of our Back to the Drawing Board session, we presented the participants with a mini challenge to complete a “Decide Your Own Ending” comic strip where they get to interpret the setting and scenario of the story given to them, and to create their own ending. We came back this week with so many great drawings, and got everyone to do a mini show and tell of how they came up with their endings!

What Everyone Came Up With

It’s amazing to see that everyone drew completely different things and had different interpretations of how they expected their comic strip stories to end. It really shows how much of a varied imagination everyone has, and having this platform to draw freely is a great way for us to share that 🙂

The beginning of the story. Boy hears a noise in the closet and tells his mom about it, and she goes off to investigate! What could possibly be in the closet?

Jed drew a floating alien octopus that has come from a different world! He purposely made alot of noise in the cupboard so it could show itself to humans!
“Hi I am from planet Z-13!”

There was a Konaki-jiji (old man that looks like a crying baby ) in the closet so the mom called the police!
Gaku wanted to draw something strange and weird so he sought help from this book on Yōkai(Japanese folklore monsters) that he has!

The boy and his mom thought something was stinky in the room, so Shiori drew a dinosaur taking a bath in the bathtub inside the closet. Technically, dinosaurs don’t exist and since they are ancient, she thought they would smell a little!

Chiemi drew a doll that was bought a really long time ago but was forgotten so it got old! She chose a doll because she wanted to have a bit of a scary factor but also wanted the story to be fun!
Ted drew the boys opening the cabinet that led to outside of the house as be was inspired by what he saw outside his own house
Isabella drew a lovely unicorn!

Nijika figured most people might expect something scary but actually its two cute dogs!

Riko and her colorful drawings details the boy and his mom opening the cupboard, only to find a crow hiding in the closet and stealing the boy’s toy!

Open Round

We had a bit of time after show and tell so we decided to do another open ended activity where we randomly selected one of our member’s drawings and continued telling the story with one more added 5th frame! What could possibly happen next? Its up to you! We selected Shiori’s dinosaur in the bath tub story and got plenty of funny scenarios!

Gaku drew the dinosaur being really wild and loud to the point that the neighbours could hear him!

Shiori’s dinosaur got a new girlfriend and hatched eggs! The mom then ended up painting the bath tub and the boy became friends with both the dinosaurs
Chiemi’s dinosaur apologised to the humans for having to watch him in the bath tub !
Nijika’s dinosaur felt so good from the warm bath, it got sleepy and fell asleep on the floor. The humans are now unhappy about having a sleeping dino in their home

Riko’s dinosaur is embarrassed that the humans hearing him singing
(in dino language, no less!)

Jed’s drew another dinosaur (that was actually hatching in the water in the previous frame) so now there are two dinosaurs. The mom then called the ambulance because the son was soaked in water and after that, the animal ranger came and took a big net to capture the dinosaur to bring it back to the zoo!
Ted drew the Animal Capture Service swinging by, and photographers swarming the house to capture an image of the ancient dinosaur
Moe drew the dinosaur chilling in an onsen!

All in all, everyone really enjoyed themselves! And it was great to see everyone freely expressing themselves and drawing as wildly as they want. This is exactly what we had hoped for, no holds barred on the storytelling component and they definitely delivered on that 🙂

Sharing about each other’s favourite books and manga

We had some time left so we got everyone to show off the books/manga they were reading and it brings such warm fuzzies to know everyone is reading ferociously (One of the members is even reading Nietzche about feelings, life and philosophy? Wow!). One of other members is even drawing his own manga, that’s amazing! It was really nice to see everyone so willing to share their interests and it would be good if we had more time so everyone can do a little show and tell, just about anything they are interested in!

To end, its been quite a ride drawing with the VIVISTOP Kashiwanoha members and we sure had heaps of fun. Now we can’t wait to replicate this with all the other VIVISTOPS. Who’s up for more drawing? 🙂