Back to the Drawing Board – Creative Drawing Session

Therese Heng · 57 ·

Most people generally have this impression that they can’t draw. But if anyone was in the call with us today, they wouldn’t have felt that at all, not one bit! The members from VIVISTOP Kashiwanoha and VIVISTOP Orchard who joined us today were super confident and so happy to show off their drawings. Although this was the first collaboration call between Japan and Singapore (and certainly not be the last, seeing as to how much fun we had) it was clear to see our members all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we foresee many more of these sessions!

Despite slight language barriers as the workshop was mostly conducted in English, it was quite cute to see that some of our Japanese members actually took the initiative to Google Translate questions they couldn’t understand. But it wasn’t anything to worry about, as we were all able to communicate pretty smoothly! We also had some Japanese members who were more fluent take initiative to help translate certain instructions to the other members, and to see everyone stepping up to help one another was really amazing. We really started this session just for everyone to relax, make friends and have a good time but I think the members got so much more out of it 🙂

Starting off with a super quick Ice Breaker Round

We started off with a quick fire Ice Breaker (haha just had to) round and got everyone to draw ten things, with each drawing only lasting five seconds each! The idea is that because of how quickly we have to draw, of course everyone’s drawing isn’t going to be perfect so its a chance to just loosen up, laugh it off and have fun together.

Here we see a bunch of children, undaunted by the task of speed fire drawing and nailing the activity

Relay Round

And then we decided to break off into two groups to try out a Drawing Relay where members interpret each other’s drawing. The idea is to assign a number to everyone, and the first person draws the theme given by the game master, and then shows it to the second person, so on and so forth.

Taking the game super seriously

Despite quite a few hiccups to coordinate everyone, we managed to get the relay moving along and yey we managed to guess the theme correctly!

If you haven’t already guess, our theme was pizza!!

Color Association

The last game we tried was color association. We were tasked to draw as many things as we could think of based on the color given, which for today’s session was YELLOW! So off we went, furiously drawing for a minute!!

Bananas were a given of course!
We also had ducks, Pikachu, bees, the sun, flowers, stars!

All in all, it was a super fun session and it was really surprising to see that despite members not really knowing each other, they were still able to bond and have fun together. This gives us great confidence to conduct more of such sessions and to engage other members from the different VIVISTOPs around the world and to widen that network of connectivity!