Back to the Drawing Board.. AGAIN!

Therese Heng · 100 ·

Since we had so much fun in the last session, we decided to have another round of Back to the Drawing Board, but this time we added even more creative drawing challenges to the mix and and also prepared a special challenge for our members at the end!

We saw quite a few new faces today too, both from VIVISTOP Orchard and VIVISTOP Kashiwanoha and its great that we have made this a recurring activity as it has very clearly showed that its popular amongst the members so much so that the sessions are always full house, and its also nice that the children constantly see members from other VIVISTOPs, allowing them to be more confident in making friends as they are bound to eventually recognise familiar faces. This is exactly what we hope might happen, that making friends across borders becomes second nature to them as they widen their network of connectivity beyond just what they are familiar with at VIVISTOP Orchard.

First Activity – Five Second Drawing

We started with a warm up session of Five Second Drawings again, and this time Moe really raised the ante by giving us some pretty hard ones to crack — we had Crocodile, Octopus, Camera and the real kicker ended with the Merlion!! But as you can already tell, the members obliterated the challenge with their amazing drawings.

Second Activity – Shape Association

The shape for today was CIRCLE and funny how so many of us drew donuts and watermelons (food makes the world go round, pun very much intended)! I leave you with a bonus image of a member drawing ..


Third Activity – Warm up Exercise for Comic Strip Challenge

Since most of the drawing session so far comprises of speed drawing activities, the members don’t really get to make full use of all the coloring and drawing materials that they literally bring to the table during the activity, so we wondered how could we incorporate that while still keeping the drawing as open-ended and up to their imagination as possible? That’s when we thought of the ‘Decide Your Own Ending” comic strip so that members can really take time to interpret the setting and scenario of the comic strip given to them, and create their own ending.

As we were planning to make this a challenge for them, we decided to get them familiarised by doing an example on the spot before we showed them the actual comic strip that they will get the week to work on, before coming back next week for a show and tell!

One of the members from Kashiwanoha drew this brilliant comic strip example as an exercise for everyone to try out. The story starts with a family off to the zoo where they notice a special exhibit. So what exactly is in the exhibit? The members were supposed to draw whatever they imagined is in there!

A magical unicorn
A dangerous situation with a giant python!!

And I leave you with a few from the crew haha

This could literally be an actual character from Monster’s Inc 🙂
Moe drew this in five minutes. Enough said
A baby Merlion counts as a mystical creature right?

After everyone was familiar with the activity, we presented the actual challenge.

The child hears something from the cupboard. Ooh a mystery!
He is afraid and tells his mom about it.
They go and investigate!
What do they find? We leave this up to the members!

The members will take the week to draw what they imagine is in the cupboard, and we will come back next week for a show and tell. Can’t wait to see what everyones comes up with!

Also, bringing back the point of continuity that was mentioned earlier, we heard from one of our member’s moms after the session that it was great her son got to join in for the activity today as sometimes it is quite hard to get him to stay engaged. However, because he also joined in on our Color and Culture workshop on Tuesday where he got to observe and explore a new way of understanding how our built enviornment can change the meaning of a colour, that prelude coupled with today’s session got him to freely think out of the box and express himself however he wants.

And that combination really helped steer his focus so much so that he was engaged throughout the workshops he attended this week. And it was really nice to hear that because that is what we hope to see more — that the content we put out is meaningful and allows the child to really guide his own perception of learning and how they want to learn, and to constantly leave more room for them to explore their curiosity and limitless creativity.

Here’s to always making learning fun!